Donation to Blantyre Old Parish Church

Thanks to the kind people who bought the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper last month, we have today been able to donate a whopping £100 to the ongoing repairs at Blantyre Old Parish Church, High Blantyre.

oldparishMinister, Sarah Ross told us, “Due to the age and size of the building the maintenance can sometimes be expensive. The roof has just undergone repairs due to loose slates and areas where the water has been able to seep through such as around the windows. During the severe storms in January, we had to put buckets out to collect the water coming in. The steeple required further work although the steeplejacks took responsibility for that but it has meant that an internal ceiling came down and it is currently being replaced. At the same time a patch of dry rot is being dealt with but it looks like we have caught it before it spread far and some of the church has already been treated previously. We have another set of roofers in this week to replace the stolen lead from the vestry roof which due to the excess on the insurance means we are paying it out of our pocket rather than being able to claim it.”

Knowing it must cost a great deal to keep such a beautiful building in the condition it should be, we are only too pleased to make this donation. We’ll be making further donations to good causes later this month. Blantyre Telegraph’s new edition is out in the shops now.


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