Exclusive: Reece ready for Skatepark again

You may have read recently about a woman who stole a 9 year old Blantyre boy’s scooter in broad daylight from the skatepark behind the Sports Centre last Monday? Reece McLafferty only had his scooter for 2 weeks, a birthday present, which was cruelly taken from him. We have not reported fully of the horror that young boy endured at the hands of that low life woman, who sped away in a blue Citreon vehicle.

Whilst police continue to search for her, Blantyre Telegraph stepped in this week and decided to buy Reece a brand new scooter, the latest model. So, in late afternoon on Friday 25th September, the McLafferty family were able to enjoy a good start to the September weekend, as we met up with Reece and his mum and dad at the skatepark.

Pictured is Linda and Reece McLafferty, as we presented not just a brand new cool scooter, but also a bundle of sweets and some official SLAM scooter stickers for Reece to customise his new “vehicle.” A package worth £100, bought entirely from the proceeds of sales of last month’s Blantyre Telegraph (so thanks very much to the people who bought it!)

One of the boys in the skatepark, Ian stepped in and built the scooter on the spot (much to our relief), and Reece is pictured here at 5.15pm with his friends, able to rejoin in the fun at the skatepark. Reece’s parents were highly appreciative of the gesture and we were honoured to receive some chocolates back in return. Before we left, Reece was quick to say “thanks” and his mum added, “We cant thank you enough. It SO appreciated.” As we left, Reece was off into the distance on his scooter, with his pals on theirs.


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