Exclusive: Local Girl’s Wheelchair stolen

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Alisha’s wheelchair was stolen

Residents in Blantyre are asked to be vigilant and look out for anybody selling an electric wheelchair.

In what we can only describe as a “despicable crime”, the wheelchair was stolen from its owner. Blantyre resident Alisha McMahon Brankin was staying over at Birdsfield Court in Burnbank last Saturday. The powered chair was left at the door of those flats whilst she was visiting and was later discovered to be missing. The theft occurred between the hours of 1pm and 8pm. The chair is black and is much relied upon.

An upset Alisha, told us, “I’m absolutely heartbroken as this was my only way of getting out the house. Now, I can’t even do a simple task like going to the shop. Police have been informed and I just wanted to let people know to look out for it x”

Blantyre Telegraph launched this appeal on Alisha’s behalf, asking if anybody knows more about the chair or its whereabouts and if so, to please contact Police. To the thieves, we sincerely hope you’re found out and caught and to that end, would urge all our readers to share this post. Thanks.


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