Latest Blantyre Telegraph Edition out Now!

new edition1The latest edition of Blantyre Telegraph is out in shops tomorrow! Priced just £1, all proceeds go to charity. It’s especially important this month, as the proceeds will assist our Christmas donations to local good causes.

Sales have been counted for October into November, and amount to a nice £455. Thats fantastic, as every penny is going back to local Blantyre good causes, which we’ll be posting about over the next few days. This figure was only possible due to £100 donation by Andy’s Tyres near Forrest Street and £250 from Crossbasket Castle, from a recent order of books via Blantyre Project. Sales of the newspaper remain disappointingly low at £105 this month. (£54 from Jinxys, £18 from RBOS, £18 from Blantyre Library and £15 from Family Shopper) but every penny counts and of course are still very much appreciated. The newspaper has SO much more potential to do SO much good in Blantyre. The writing is there. The printing is there. The non-profit making will is there. We only need a loyal readership.

Importantly, adding the £455 to the overall total means Blantyre Telegraph has now raised £4,155.34 to date! Thats absolutely amazing and we sincerely thank all the kind people who have been buying a copy. You know who you are.

The latest newspaper can also be downloaded now from here


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