Exclusive: Broompark Residents Flooded out

floodsYesterday, Sunday 15th November 2015 once again saw residents from Broompark Avenue and Broompark Road, High Blantyre left counting the damage to their properties after yet another flood in Kirkton Park.

One local resident commented; “I have contacted the council each time the park has flooded and caused damage to my property. I have not had any response from them.”

There appears to be a drainage problem at the bottom end of the park near Broompark Avenue, which does naturally slope to that area and clearly inadequately drained. There may be a problems with storm water drains in that location of the park, which formerly was home to public toilets several decades ago.

Every time there is heavy rain, adjacent areas are flooded. However, in times of prolonged rainfall, the houses immediately at this area are also flooded. The water rises, not only submerging the gardens, as pictured yesterday, but gets so high, it is in danger of invading the properties themselves. When the flood water spills from the park it goes straight in to local gardens.

Several locals contacted the Council on Sunday and a pump was sent out to remove water from the park for most of the day. To date though, the council haven’t responded to requests to have remedial work done to prevent further flooding in the area, meaning for now residents have to fund repairs, or suffer dampness in their homes not to mention ever increasing insurance premiums and loss of their no claims.

Have you been affected by the Kirkton Park floods?


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