Our Charity Status Confirmed

12265658_1007751205912606_4662766358710502205_oBlantyre Telegraph is proud to announce that we’ve today been recognised as an official charity that has been classed as assisting “Blantyre Community as a whole”

This welcome news comes after we applied to various authorities for this status and has much welcome implications for us. For example, it means Paypal will now recognise Blantyre Telegraph as a non profit charity, rather than business, meaning we can lower the paypal fees for anybody buying The Blantyre Telegraph online, making it more affordable. (Remember you can buy Blantyre’s monthly newspaper by clicking SHOP NOW at the top of this page or from here on our main website. https://theblantyretelegraph.wordpress.com/shop/

The best way of course is to avoid any external fees altogether by buying the £1 paper the normal way offline. The entire £1 goes to local Blantyre good causes which are published here and on our website. You can buy the full colour, quality newspaper from:

Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow Road, Blantyre
Blantyre Library, Glasgow Road, Blantyre
Community Links, Glasgow Road, Blantyre
Family Shopper, Main Street, High Blantyre and
Jinxy’s Bakery, Main Street, High Blantyre

We’re looking at adding more outlets in 2016 as readership grows. Many thanks to our vendors and to Gavin Watson Printers who have shown us overwhelming support. If you’ve still to buy your £1 copy this month, please do so! We’d love to make a BIG Christmas donation to assist children in particular this month. Thanks.


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