Turbine Decision Approaches

turbineTime is now running out to lodge your objection or support for the Flemington Wind Turbine, the proposed massive 76m wind turbine planned for Loanend, near Flemington.

Although slightly outside Blantyre, Blantyre residents have overwhelmingly lodged over 1,000 letters of objection against the turbine being erected.  The campaign however, has left some people divided, with a few hundred people in Cambuslang and Glasgow supporting the venture, despite it being far from their own doorsteps, for after all thats where the money being generated is going to (not Blantyre). The level of objection though is unprecedented in South Lanarkshire for a single turbine, perhaps a reflection of the sheer height of it, and how it would visually impact Blantyre itself.

In alignment with the lodged majority opinion so far from Blantyre folk, Blantyre Telegraph came “off the fence” and openly objected to the proposal, something our neighbouring Community Councils (of Halfway and Cambuslang) did too. We’ve been working tirelessly with the “No Wind Turbines at Flemington” group for many months now and the campaign is now drawing to an end.

Below is a scale drawing of the turbine size, which will be even larger than the County Buildings! Seen from Crossbasket, Bardykes and the Calder, if allowed to go ahead, it will have a long lasting visual impact on our precious, neighbouring green space.

Final numbers and the planning report is now being drafted by South Lanakrshire Council ahead of their decision, expected by mid February 2016. All viewpoints and comments, if they want to be considered should be lodged with South Lanarkshire Council by the end or this week.

Of course, each to their own opinion and everybody’s opinion will be respected here. As a final push on this issue though, if you would like to object, then please take 30 seconds to sign the petition at http://www.noflemingtonturbine.com/blantyre-says-no/ Thanks.


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