Friends of the Calder Donation

friends of the calderWith gifts and football strips donated to Blantyre’s children last month, we wanted to do something with this months donations for the local Environment around our town. So what better way than making a donation to local environmental group, The Friends of the Calder.

This morning, after collating December sales of Blantyre Telegraph, we met up with Friends of the Calder and on this snowy morning, donated the amazing sum of £200.04 to the group. This was possible due to the people who bought our offline newspaper during December.

Friends of the Calder are a small group of volunteers who give up their time and effort to try to enhance and beautify the green spaces around Blantyre and principally at Greenhall and Milheugh. They’ve met regularly the last couple of years, but funding has remained a problem, which is still being worked out. Meetings are attended also by South Lanarkshire Council. The group discuss a range of topics from preserving or improving the existing nature trails and woodland, to the pursuit of additional bridges across the River Calder and protection of the eroding riverbanks including looking out for the natural wildlife.

They meet quarterly at Priestfield Hall, the next meeting being on 1st March 2016. You can follow the group on their facebook page.

With this donation now made, the total sum donated to 38 local good causes from Blantyre Telegraph’s little charity newspaper is now an incredible £4,555.34. Well done everybody!

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