Crossbasket Recruitment Days

12401782_435200930010941_702728711860359466_oWith the scheduled opening of Crossbasket Castle planned for 1st May 2016, the new luxury hotel, wedding venue and restaurant will soon be seeking a whole host of new employees to train and take part in this new business. This presents a wonderful employment opportunity for local people of all ages, roles and experiences.

A recruitment day will be held at the 5 star Crossbasket Castle on Stoneymeadow Road, High Blantyre on Saturday 6th February 2016 and then again a month later on Saturday 5th March 2016. The recruitment open days are sure to be popular and will take place from 11am until 4pm, where it will be explained what roles are required and any further questions answered.

If you would be interested in this wonderful opportunity and being part of their exciting team, please drop by on the opening days. Feel free to tag or share anybody you think would be interested.


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