Flemington Turbine Rejected

12696933_1047818188572574_6471037864640463554_oIts official. The Controversial Flemington Wind Turbine will NOT proceed. On recommendation from the Planning Dept, Councillors this morning (on the Planning Committee for South Lanarkshire Council) voted to reject the Flemington Wind Turbine, which was carried out.

The rejection comes after overwhelming objection to the turbine was received, at unprecedented levels for a single turbine. Residents of Loanend were delighted this morning, and a spokesperson for their group added, “A HUGE thanks to all our family, friends and the wider community in Blantyre and surrounding areas who supported us with our fight and understood the massive negative impact this large industrial wind turbine would have had on us, our homes, community, land, environment and wildlife. The list could go on and on….This is a great victory for us all, the green belt and local communities negatively impacted by wind turbines.”

The Loanend residents and Blantyre Telegraph would like to thank everybody who took part in the campaign and especially the staff involved in the planning department for their professional and impartial involvement. Their final, comprehensive report listened to the communities concerns and clearly saw through the developers misrepresentation and misleading statements.

The news also now means the current advance works and wind monitoring mast at Flemington put up last summer is now redundant and a proven waste of developers money. It also sends out a clear message to any landowner or developer thinking of putting a wind turbine up immediately around Blantyre in future.

Pictured earlier this morning, the residents of nearby Loanend Cottages celebrate their victory outside council offices. What a folly it would be for this developer to attempt an appeal.


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