January Sales Revenue

pounds_1782406bWe’re pleased to say January 2016 sales of Blantyre Telegraph amounted to a rather decent £262.47 which added to totals raised previously, means the grand total raised to date is a whopping £4,817.81. We’re confident we’ll smash through the 5 grand mark next month!

The money has been paid out entirely to 36 different local good causes in Blantyre since June 2015, which is transparent here https://theblantyretelegraph.wordpress.com/raised/

The breakdown is as follows, with thanks to the following organisations and businesses:
Jinxys £50.55, Blantyre Library £47.02, Blantyre Project £45.55, Advertising Revenue £44.00, Family Shopper £39.00, RBOS £30.85, Miners Welfare £5.50.

We’ll be announcing shortly how January’s money will be spent within Blantyre.


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