St Andrews theft made good

What is the world coming to?

It’s come to our attention that earlier in February, a drill machine was stolen out of St Andrews Church Hall, in Church Street, just off Glasgow Road. A local man, who stays nearby was kindly giving up his time and effort to repair the Church Halls Billiard table, which is used by a local care group. During the repair and whilst collecting materials, it’s known somebody walked in from the street and took his personal drill machine, which was missing upon his return. Despite a search, the equipment was never found nor returned.

Such noble actions from the local volunteer who lived nearby, are day to day for this kind individual and it was no surprise that he wanted to remain privately anonymous. How wrong it was of somebody to steal not just from this man, but from the church itself.

Today, we hand delivered to the door of the man whose drill was stolen, a cheque for £50 to replace and buy a new drill machine. It was graciously accepted.

As for the despicable thief, we hope your batteries flat!!



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