Our Easter Donation to Yorkhill

crossbasketeasterWe heard recently that Crossbasket Nursery is collecting Easter Eggs to brighten up the Easter holidays for the sick children at Yorkhill Hospital. It’s easy to forget that many children are seriously ill in that hospital, spending all their time there.

Crossbasket Nursery is a frequent supporter of Yorkhill Hospital. What a wonderful thing to do and this Easter, we wish to be involved in that nice gesture.

So, today we have announced that our primary donation this month is going to Crossbasket Nursery for this wonderful cause. We’re donating £140 worth of Easter Eggs and chocolate treats for the kids at the hospital. We recognise that some sick children are not able to eat Easter Eggs, so we’ve also included loads of colouring books, sticker books, crayons, felt tip pens, sticker reels, as well as Easter Egg hunt games and soft play Easter finger puppets.

The donation is made possible by the kind people of Blantyre who bought the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper during February. Many thanks to everybody who bought a copy. We remain fully committed to helping all nurseries in Blantyre and will get round to each and every one in due course this year.

Meantime, the donation will be handed into Crossbasket staff later this week.

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