Boys Brigade Celebrations

The 2nd Blantyre Boys Brigade have reached the end of their celebration weekend, which saw them celebrate the 50th year of the organisation in Blantyre.

Starting off last night with a fantastic night out, the boys and officers met today, Sunday 13th March at 2.00pm at John Street and marched up the road, to the Congregational Church at Craig Street. A short service was held, with several commemorative speeches and the event was not only well attended by the current boys and officers, but also boys and officers from previous years.

A cake was cut marking the occasion and the brand new Queens Boards were unveiled showing those boys over the years who achieved the BBs highest accolade.

We would like to wish the 2nd Blantyre, congratulations and all the very best for the future. You make Blantyre very proud. Photos are from several people who attended, whom we know won’t mind them being shared here.

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