Strange Lights in Night Sky

Reports are coming in of strange activity in the nighttime sky last night, Saturday 12th March 2016, above Blantyre and indeed Central Scotland.

Dozens of people in Blantyre alone are claiming to have witnessed a strange phenomenon, where white lines or lights appeared in the sky, then large red “balls of light” fell from the lines, silently, but brightly in a downwardly direction.

The strange incident was witnessed throughout Blantyre between 8.40pm and 9.55pm last night and was seen in nearby communities at Halfway, Dechmont and Auchentibber.

This comes in the same week as a local newspaper reported strange sights over Hamilton, and not long after a meteor burning up in Northern Scotland, caused the sky to flash brightly a few weeks ago. Could this be another meteor or something more strange?

Did you see the weird lights, or even better, did you take a photo?! We’d love to hear from you.



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