Exclusive: Condom found at McDonalds

Blantyre man, Jack Semple (21), was recently left shocked and angry when he discovered a contaminant of the most disgusting kind, in his purchased fast food burger.

Jack had been making his way home a fortnight ago from Larkhall to Blantyre when he stopped at the M74 Hamilton Service Station with his parents, to pick up a McDonalds meal. Whilst eating their burgers, Jack was appalled to see a neon coloured rubber condom  within the cooked meat, actually inside his burger. Whilst the item was thankfully unused, it was still the most horrifying, vile discovery.

The family complained to McDonalds staff who promised to look into the matter, but have so far received no response other than their money back.

The incident appears to be a one-off and we’ve advised the family to contact Environmental health in the meantime. McDonalds refused to comment further at this time. Photo courtesy of Jack Semple.



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