Police Incident – update

12524375_1080360491985010_4614398025016957015_nAs promised, we now have an official update on the Police incident last night, Wednesday 30th March 2016, which saw police vans, dogs and a helicopter dispatched in Hamilton and Blantyre. The police activity was in aid of catching two car thieves.

A BMW car, was stolen earlier last night from the East End of Glasgow and had been traced to an address in the Blantyre area. However the vehicle thieves quickly made off in the car at around 9.50pm and were pursued to the Rannoch Court area of Blantyre, prompting a police chase.

The car was then recovered by police however the 2 suspects made off on foot at around 10.30pm towards the Burnbank area, around the time of the helicopters involvement.

A spokesperson for Hamilton police said: “One of the suspects is described as male, heavily built, and was wearing a cream jacket. The second was also male and was wearing a dark body warmer.
The car has now been recovered and we are continuing with our enquiries into this incident. Anyone who has any further information on this incident should call Police 101”

The official update hopefully ends speculation on facebook of shootings, drugs and rumours of murder, which absolutely did NOT happen. Kindly shared with this page last night is the stolen Black BMW at Rannoch Court (not far from High Blantyre Industrial Estate) prior to police towing it away last night.


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