Crime Roundup: Blantyre

1501027_1071080746246318_2539625656099562337_oSuspicious Activity around the Buller Crescent area was reported to Police last week, where 2 individuals were seen trying the door handles of homes. On Sunday night, just after midnight on 14th March 2016, 2 people were disturbed at a number of houses in Buller Crescent.

The persons, are described as both male, both slim build, one wearing a dark hooded top, beanie hat and dark jogging trousers, and the other a dark tracksuit – were observed by witnesses looking for insecurities in local houses, trying doors and windows.

Shortly after on the same evening nearby at Lochalsh Place in Priory Bridge a Ford Kia car was stolen, although the vehicle was recovered in Glasgow shortly after with 2 youths seen running away from it.

ALSO, on the same evening at Dalcraig Crescent, Priory Bridge, thieves let themselves into a house, and stole property.

Police responded to these events by deploying a dog unit and property actually belonging to the thieves was found and sent away for forensic examination. Officers are currently progressing this.

In response to this spate of breakins and attempted breakins, Police officers are now patrolling the areas as a deterrent. Furthermore, officers not in uniform are being deployed in patrols, to assist and determine who was responsible.

Official figures for Blantyre for first 3 weeks January:
• Drug Dealings (1 – Detained)
• Antisocial Behaviours (16)
• Violent Crimes (18)
• Dishonesty/House Break-ins (7)


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