Blantyre 30mph zone extended

The beginning of the 30mph zone in High Blanyre has this week been moved back from Shott House on the B7012 (after the entrance to the Salveson Homes), to a new location further up the hill at the east entrance to Greenhall.

This means the steep hill coming down into Blantyre after you come off the A725 slipway, is now a 30 mile an hour zone, (which does perhaps make sense given the drop at the left side of the carriageway.)

Upon hearing of the new speed restriction, we suspected that it may have been prompted by the recent crash last week or that somebody in the council had finally read our petition about speed concerns on this road.  The new restriction prepares also for the proposed large new housing development at that location in the fields to the right of this photo.

It is welcomed that the sign has been moved before construction of the homes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 18.12.32


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