High Blantyre Archaeology Survey

Excavators have been digging in the elevated fields opposite the Salveson Homes, High Blantyre for the last couple of days. This location near Shott is where a planned large housing estate may soon significantly expand Blantyre.

However, it’s not the commencement of the groundworks underway. It was simply an advance archaeology survey, which was necessary before the planning permission could proceed. Artefacts have been found in previous decades in the surrounding fields , so checks had to be made first.

The landowner told us this evening, “The survey didn’t find anything and finished yesterday.”

Following enquiries, we also received a response from South Lanarkshire Planning Department earlier today, their team leader confirming, “Detailed planning consent has still to be issued for residential development at Shott Farm, Blantyre. In this connection a planning application for the erection of 172 dwellinghouses and associated engineering and landscaping has been submitted (HM/15/0499) but has still to be determined. You will be able to view all related drawings for this application through the Councils web site/planning portal using the aforementioned reference number should you be so interested.

We are aware that earthworks have commenced on site. This is being undertaken in accordance with an archaeological evaluation of the site prior to house building starting. Indeed a condition was attached to a previous  ‘Planning Permission in Principle’ application (HM/14/0491). The results of this archaeological evaluation along with other matters are awaited in order that the detailed planning application can be progressed towards determination.”

If approved, building of the 172 new houses would commence later this year, on the large white zone highlighted on the attached map, expanding homes in High Blantyre up towards Greenhall and adjacent to the EK Expressway. Photos (c) Blantyre Telegraph.

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