Exclusive: Alarming Joyride

13244234_1106367479384311_6591668936197129490_oConsiderable sensation was caused in the early hours of this morning at the usually quiet, Glenfruin Road, Blantyre.

A blue car was stolen from an unknown location and three thieves, reported by eyewitness as being all male, were involved in a chase. Their inability to control the vehicle led to crash with some significant impact into 3 cars on Glenfruin Road in the early hours of the morning of Sunday 15th May 2016, around 5.25am, waking up neighbours.

The speed of the vehicle was so great at the time of the impact, that their vehicle overturned, injuring the joyriders.

An witness exclusively told Blantyre Telegraph, “As a man came to help the men out the damaged vehicle, the cowards in fear of being caught, punched him and they then ran off.”

Police are aware of the incident and the blood of at least one of the joyriders was found at the scene, assisting the investigation. Their crime of theft, dangerous driving and putting public at risk now also includes the crime of assault. Arrangements were made for the overturned car to be removed.

Do you know more about the occupants of the vehicle, please contact Hamilton or Blantyre Police. Photos courtesy of G Burns.

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