Sickening theft of Mobility Scooter

scooterIn the early hours of yesterday morning, Thursday 25th May 2017 a sickening theft took place at Valerio Court, just off the bottom of Stonefield Road.

A local mans mobility scooter, which he wholly depends upon, was stolen from his home. It is unknown how the thief started the scooter, since the man still has the key.

The elderly man is 79 years old, disabled and recovering from a recent hernia operation. As you can imagine his family are sickened how somebody could act so low.

Incredibly, there are leads to the theft. At 6.45am a youth wearing a baseball cap was seen smoking on the scooter as he headed down Station Road, something that the witness thought was unusual for such a young lad to be on. Later reports of him being around the David Livingstone Centre Bridge, may have meant the scooter was taken over the Clyde, into Bothwell yesterday.

People in Blantyre and Bothwell are urged to share this post in the hope the mobility scooter can be found safely and soon.

If you know more information about this theft or know who did it, you can report it to Police CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111 where details can be given in confidence.

(Similar scooter pictured, not the same one.)

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