Horrific Injury at Coatshill

censored imageA serious injury occurred yesterday evening, Thursday 12th October 2017 around 5.30pm outside the TACT hall.

Second year St John Ogilvie pupil, Aidan Macfie (13) was playing at the basketball court adjacent to the hall and with friends, was climbing the high fence.

Aidan lost his footing and caught his top and upper arm on the serrated edge of the fence causing a shocking injury, (too graphic for us to show on the page). The panicked teenager was able to get to the nearest adult who stayed with Aidan whilst the ambulance was phoned.

Some local residents alarmed by such a horrific injury came out from the nearby houses opposite the hall, arriving on the scene wanting to help. Some brought blankets, whilst Aidan’s friend Oscar, ran to fetch his mother.

Mother Jackie told us this evening, “He was so brave. We’re so grateful to everyone for helping.”

Aidan was quickly driven to Wishaw General Hospital and was straight away taken to surgery for surgeons to operate. Thankfully it appears he will make a good recovery in time but certainly is going to have an impressive scar.

Jackie continued, “He never cried or moaned once in hospital. He was still telling his silly jokes with his friends. 24 hours later, he’s now home with a cast on and is tired. Accidents happen, but we would like to thank everyone for all their help. Seeing his injury after it happened, is something I won’t forget for a long time.”

Here’s wishing Aidan a speedy recovery and safer playing in future!

Photos: Jackie Paterson


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