Auchentibber War Memorial – Renovation

2015-auchentibber-war-memorial-janBlantyre Telegraph has today learned that the Auchenitbber War Memorial is to soon be renovated by South Lanarkshire Council. The monument has been suffering in recent years due to heavy traffic and poor previous repairs.

Following our poll in December 2016 (on behalf of SLC, Blantyre Community Council, Blantyre Project and various other residential stakeholders), people in Blantyre overwhelmingly voted for the World War I memorial to be renovated where it is, rather than completely rebuilt in the nearby Crematorium or elsewhere.

As a reminder, the results of our poll are attached and we provided a 2 page report to the Council for their consideration with this feedback. It appears the viewpoints of the most popular vote have been considered by the Council and now approved. The War Memorial, built in the early 1920s to remember 14 brave souls will be renovated where it is.

There was very little support for rebuilding the monument elsewhere in Auchentibber, or at the Crematorium.

Contractors have been approached to submit tenders for the repair work. One local contractor told us today, “It’s still not been decided who’s doing the work yet, but we remain hopeful.”

A decision and issue of the paperwork to the chosen contractor is due soon.


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