Making Leanne’s Dream come true

leanneWe’ve been incredibly touched by this story and hope you will be too. Shared here with permission from the family.

Over the past few months local Blantyre girl, 21 year old, Leanne Hawkins has become increasingly unwell and frustratingly, the doctors and nurses at various hospitals had been no further forward with a diagnosis.

However, after Leanne’s latest and recent hospital visit, where she endured various extensive tests, a diagnosis came back of a bleeding stomach ulcer, which following biopsies and scans of the stomach, was unfortunately confirmed as being stomach cancer.

The cancer had however progressed also into the pancreas and looked like it was continuing to spread. Doctors have now confirmed and given Leanne the diagnoses that her cancer is incurable and therefore sadly, terminal.

Beautiful and kind hearted Leanne (pictured), who should now be embarking on life’s journey after her studies now has a battle of her own. The brave girl, a former pupil of Auchinraith Primary and Calderside Academy has chosen to face this head-on and intends on ensuring the remainder of her life is lived to the fullest. A sentiment shared by her loving family. Top of her list amongst her favourite concerts, is a wonderful trip to Disneyland, Paris, a place she has dreamed about.

A fundraising page has been set up by Leanne’s family to raise enough money for a family visit to France in the near future, in the hope of giving Leanne some wonderful memories and plenty of quality, happy family time.

You can donate ANY amount safely and securely, no matter how small, via this official link. The family commented, “Any donations are welcome and greatly appreciated💖”

This one of those times when Blantyre as community rallies together wonderfully.
Please donate and share far and wide.


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