Heroic & Gallant River Clyde Rescue

local heroWe have a fantastic story for you tonight and need your help tracking down a local hero!

Sunday 2nd October 2017, was a fairly wild, windy day and not one for being out. However, dogs need walked and local lady, Nicola McCrory thought nothing of volunteering to take out her parent’s dogs around 9.30am.

Walking along the banks of the River Clyde, she was horrified when a passing jogger notified her that one of her dogs, “Sammy” (pictured) had just slipped and fallen down a 10 foot embankment into the fast flowing water! Nicola panicking, was immediately thankful when the male jogger, without any fear or thought for himself, offered his  assistance.

The gallant gent then used Nicola’s leads tied together to bravely ‘abseil’ himself down the steep embankment and reach out over to rescue the terrified and stricken dog. However, the ordeal wasn’t over yet!

As this was happening, a few other onlookers had gathered and by the time he got out the water, and as if one rescue wasn’t enough someone else’s dog fell in too!

This time, it was onlooker Fiona Wade, who undaunted also made a daring jump into the River Clyde after her own dog!

However, the full drama ended with the unknown local hero, the same guy who had been minding his own business again coming to the rescue. As well as rescuing “Sammy”, the courageous man then went back, pulling out the second dog, then very quickly Fiona also from the water.

Nicola McCrory, owner of “Sammy” said to Blantyre Telegraph this evening, “I don’t know who he was. I thanked him repeatedly but he spoke very little English and left quickly, soaken wet on that cold day. I’d love to find out who he is, so I could thank him properly.”

Not a lot is known about this local hero. The man remained calm and took control of the situation. Fiona Wade, the lady he assisted in the water offered a description.

“He’s a small guy in his 40’s or 50’s – athletic, normally wears black tracksuit bottoms, black hoodie/tracksuit top, small black hat, runs with weights in his hands and doesn’t speak much English. He often runs along the river bank at David Livingstone Bridge on the Bothwell side.”

How amazing to hear of such incredible bravery, especially for people he didn’t even know and of course to learn of Fiona’s own brave act. Do YOU know the unknown man? We’d like to trace him as there’s a whole bunch of people who would like to say thanks. Please share. Let’s get him found!

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