Crime: Home Intrusion

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 00.29.40Station Road Targeted tonight

There’s been yet ANOTHER home intrusion this evening, again at Station Road!

Door handles on a house near Park Lane junction were tried around 8.30pm this evening, Thursday 15th February 2018 and the resident confronted an unknown man attempting to enter his house. The would be thief ran off towards other homes in Station Road, which were also tried unsuccessfully.

In the last hour between 8.30pm and 9.00pm, the thief managed to enter another house in Station Road, blatantly walking in, whilst the occupants were in another part of the house. Without their knowledge, he removed their car keys from the house and stole their vehicle from the driveway.

As you can imagine, these breakins have shocked the community this last fortnight, especially in the low Blantyre area. It would appear that cars are being targeted and door handles being tried for anywhere left unlocked. It is surely the same individual conducting these despicable crimes and a pattern is emerging that its happening between 8pm and 11pm.

According to various messages being received tonight, we can confirm, as of 9.30pm, Police are now in attendance knocking on doors and conducting enquiries. It has been suggested to us, they are particularly interested in a white van spotted nearby.

Sorry folks, we know this will be unsettling, but you guys voted yesterday to be told right away when something is happening.

We hope this lowlife is caught soon. A LONG jail sentence awaits.


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