Crime: Blantyre break ins continue

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 00.31.36More Home Intrusions

The relentless unfortunate spate of home break-ins this last fortnight in Low Blantyre continued with a further break in last night.

Last night, during the evening, Wednesday 14th February 2018, whilst residents were home, some lowlife thief had the brass neck to walk straight into a house in Dalcraig Crescent, Priory Bridge via the back door.

Vehicle keys and a wallet were lifted and then the thief left. The vehicle was then stolen before residents were alerted to what had happened.

Vehicle & Tools Stolen

Please, everyone keep an eye out for a
***White VW caddy van 1600cc Reg; NL13EYC*** similar to the one pictured. Tools were in the back of the vehicle, so if you’re offered any suddenly, please be careful.

Its truly disgusting that thieves would invade the privacy and home of people they don’t know, robbing hard working people in their own home. This type of home intrusion theft attracts much heftier jail sentences than normal thieving. As well as the loss of the vehicle and contents and the distress to the householders, it leaves the inconvenience of changing all locks too. Let’s get this scum caught.

All Blantyre residents should be vigilant. Look out for each other. Keep doors locked, even when home if possible. Review your home security and report anything suspicious at once to police. If you know more about this incident, or indeed any of the others posted this last 2 weeks, please contact Police Crimestoppers anonymously on 101.


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