Fly Tipping at Pech Brae

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 00.17.44More disregard for the Calder

We see some lowlife(s) have been out tipping again at the Calder. This time at the Pech Brae, which a little further along was already scheduled for a clean up by the council this week.

The muppet that’s done this clearly has no morals. Low self esteem, no respect for Blantyre or the people in it. No respect for the beautiful countryside around us and ironically, their crime is causing their OWN council tax to be more expensive next year. Heavy fines await fly tippers when caught.

This time, just a casual throw of old household rubbish out a vehicle half on to the road, half on to the verge. As we say,…..a complete muppet.

If YOU know more about this latest illegal mess, message us and we’ll pass it on to environmental health and police.

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