Dads heartbreaking diagnosis

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.31.54DAD’S HEARTBREAKING CANCER DIAGNOSIS
Fundraising to extend life

A Family who live in High Blantyre have set up a fundraising page to help pay for life extending treatment for David (41), to give him more time with his wife Karen (42) and their two children: Ashton (12) and Sean (10).

David was sadly diagnosed with Stage 4 Signet Ring Cell cancer of the bladder on the 11th of January 2018. This is a particularly rare and aggressive cancer that does not respond well to Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy. The only option was invasive surgery to remove his bladder, unfortunately this major operation was unsuccessful. The NHS have exhausted all options to help him.

Doctors estimate that David has only 6-12 months left to live, meaning he will not see his boys grow up.


Despite this devastating prognosis, David and Karen have refused to accept this death sentence and have sourced a clinic in the south of England that has offered an alternative treatment plan that has the potential to extend his life and a hope of reducing his tumour enough for a second operation to remove his bladder, but it’s expensive, costing over £15,000 for the initial course.

You can donate to David’s Fundraising page here

Amazingly, the initial target was met quickly and has now been raised to £25,000 to assist with additional costs. This too has almost been met, but just needs a little push further with YOUR help!

Generosity Acknowledged

Karen and David are overawed by everyone’s generosity and support. They added, “Having raised enough for the initial course of treatment, that has now been booked in, we are attempting to raise enough for all of the medicines, supplements, follow up appointments, tests, travel costs and accommodation that will be required to complete the treatment plan offered by the private clinic.”

Please help David and his family raise this money so that they can fight for his life. His two wonderful children would love nothing more than to have their hero Dad see them grow up.

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We wish David all the very best for his surgery and offer our full support in any way possible.


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