Drive by Assault, High Blantyre

37597935_1883739584980426_101504349380804608_oDrive By Assault Main Street

Reports are unfortunately coming in of an attempted stabbing/assault on Main Street during broad daylight.

At exactly 2.50pm today, Friday 20th July 2018, a young man and his mother were standing at the bus stop on Main Street, near the former Matts Bar, High Blantyre.

A speeding car, veered off up the path and hit the bus stop, with 2 males getting out, who proceeded to attack the man. His mother made attempts to fend them off. The two males, got back in the car and sped off.

The matter is being dealt with by police. Although the individual was beaten up, a knife (thought to have been unused) was observed by witnesses during the scuffle. The assaulted man walked off in the direction of the shops at Main Street.

There were several witnesses to the incident and it’s understood that a black 2 door ASTRA car has been reported to police along with information and descriptions. Do you know more? You can report who did this to Crimestoppers on Police 101.

Update 3:50pm Police have now arrived on the scene and taped off parts of the street and nearby property.


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