Active Age Card Concerns


Can anybody verify if South Lanarkshire Council intend to cancel free swimming for over 60’s? Or if there are other plans in place to safeguard against introducing costs?

We’ve received a message this week from a concerned reader, who writes, ‘I’m writing to register my disappointment at the decision by South Lanarkshire Council to start charging Active Age card holders for swimming lessons.

While I accept that for the first year the charges are half price I also know that several Active Age Card holders, particularly those solely dependant on the OAP, cannot afford this increase and will be forced to stop taking lessons.

As the benefits of exercise to physical and mental health are well documented in many academic studies, initiating these charges seems an extremely short sighted policy as it increases the likelihood of those who stop taking the lessons making earlier use of the NHS and also being socially isolated.

I understand that there is no pressing financial need for this action as South Lanarkshire Council have ample funds in reserve.”


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