Adam the Adventurer

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 19.01.03Adam Lee is on a remarkable journey, all in the name of charity.

Incredibly Adam is WALKING the 700 miles, the full length of Western Britain to raise money for homelessness charity, Centrepoint.

Travelling from Cape Wrath on Scotland’s north coast, the plucky adventurer aims to get to Englands South Coast before he’s done. He left in May and has still some time to go, estimated completing in 4 months time!

Thankfully, he’s not alone on this task. Martin the Jerusalem Donkey has also been trained for the trip and is accompanying him.

Adam and Martin the donkey ended up passing through Blantyre this week staying over the other night in Redlees Park, just off Blantyreferme Road. For his safety and privacy, we chose not to disclose this until after he was on his way again.

Pictured is Adam Lee and Martin the donkey on their visit to Redlees Park and earlier in the trip

Photos Credit: Colin McPherson and Katarzyna Grzegorczyk



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