Margaret Mac to the Rescue


Making Blantyre Safer

After a recent vehicle ‘near miss’ in High Blantyre at the junction of Kirkton Avenue and Main Street, a local lady concerned about further safety took matters into her own hands.

The near accident had been caused due to the terrible visibility of overgrown trees near the bus shelter, actually partly obscuring the shelter itself. With lack of action by the council, High Blantyre lady Margaret MacKenzie decided to do something about it herself. She went up to B&Q and spent £30, buying saws and other bits and bobs to do the work.

Over the weekend there, Margaret spent an incredible 9 hours chopping back trees and bushes so that people can safely see coming out of the junction at the houses. She was there until almost 2am, two nights ago!

These pictures show Margaret as she was finishing the tidy job. Margaret, who is 65 years old has done a fantastic job. It’s not only safer, but looks so much tidier.

That’s Blantyre spirit right there.
Photos: Bonnie Blantyre

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