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5,000 New Trees for Hamilton

The second phase of plans to plant more than 5,000 trees at a Hamilton nature reserve is underway. The urban woodland, newly-named Torinwood, is based at the Neilsland and Earnock Local Nature Reserve. South Lanarkshire Countryside Rangers supported a dedicated team of volunteers, New Roots Heritage Group, who learned skills to successfully plant around 1,000 […]

Christmas Trees go up

South Lanarkshire Council are putting Blantyre’s Christmas Trees up today. Contractors at both High Blantyre and Low Blantyre are getting ready for the switch on on Sunday. Blantyre is the only town in South Lanarkshire to have TWO official trees and TWO sets of Christmas Lights. Its a subject we receive many messages about at […]

Margaret Mac to the Rescue

  Making Blantyre Safer After a recent vehicle ‘near miss’ in High Blantyre at the junction of Kirkton Avenue and Main Street, a local lady concerned about further safety took matters into her own hands. The near accident had been caused due to the terrible visibility of overgrown trees near the bus shelter, actually partly […]