Save Blantyre Skatepark


An urgent petition has been created by local man James Devine, to save our local skatepark, a community asset frequently used by local children.

The skatepark, built just after the Millennium is in a very poor condition to the point it’s on the verge of being condemned if neglect is allowed to continue.

South Lanarkshire Council have been contacted but they said there’s no funds available within to fix the park. They’re trying to source funds externally. However, this will take a long time.


General Safety Concerns

The skatepark isn’t only needing repairing but other parts of the park appear to be in poor repair. The light posts, used to light the skatepark at night have been vandalized by a small minority of kids that don’t regularly use the park. But the majority of kids that do use the skatepark park, use it properly and want to take care of it. The vandalized light posts have been temporarily repaired by SLC.  As you can see from the photos, SLC have left these lamposts in a perceived, dangerous condition despite the council’s insistence that they are safe for the time being.

SLC have inspected the surface of the park and say that it’s in a safe condition. As you can see from the attached photos, the surface isn’t safe either. James spoke to a few youngsters at the skatepark and was surprised to learn that they are forever having accidents.

It’s time for action. Here’s a link to the petition.  Signing is free and takes just a moment.

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  1. The skate park shouldn’t be saved because it only cases trouble

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