Logan Street Rat Concerns

ratsBlantyre lady Yvonne Dobbie is at the ‘end of her tether’ with an ongoing rat infestation at her house in Logan Street.

Her upper home is being overrun by rats and as a mother with kids living in the house too, she’s disgusted and upset by the lack of council assistance in removing the problem from her council home. Rats have managed to get in via the bathroom, were inside her sofa and even seen on her kitchen worktops eating food! The concern is that they must also be in the adjacent homes too, if they’ve somehow managed to get upstairs.

Yvonne contacted us in desperation for help after believing the council is not taking her complaint seriously enough. Angry and upset, she has decided to approach not just local press but National media too.

Environmental Health have been out already but their bait has proved ineffective. Yvonne’s further complaints for help have been falling on deaf ears.

Yvonne told us this morning, “I had to remove my bath to discover where rats were entering and destroying my house. I found several holes in redundant pipes and floorboards. The Council is refusing to fit pipework as ‘I removed my bath’. Rats have wrecked my bathroom suite. It’s not covered by my council contents insurance.”

Outraged, Yvonne continued, “I’m not asking to be rehoused. I simply want the problem of how they’re getting into the house addressed. I asking the council to fix my pipes and block up the holes with something effective like steel wool. It’s just as well i removed the bath, for my bathroom Floor was rotten with woodworm and my foot went right though it. The floor was fixed same day by a council workman, but nobody is prepared to fix the water pipes or attend to where the rats are coming from! What chance do I have ?”

The rodent problem appears to have been made worse in the last couple of months, perhaps with rats relocating from the demolished Clydeview Shopping Centre into nearby homes and streets.

This is a lady who desperately needs the help of the council and community. Yvonne has asked if local Councillors can help or expedite the problem, or to make the Blantyre Community Council aware of the issue. If this environmental health hazard is left unchecked will only get worse and action needs to be escalated. Nobody should have to live with rats in this day and age.

Also, although Yvonne didn’t ask for this, if you’re in a position to help her directly, (perhaps with plumbing or with a new bath), please do get in contact.


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