Kindness of ‘Floor Store’, Blantyre

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.27.09So, here’s a BIG shout out for The Floor Store on Glasgow Road, Blantyre.

Blantyre lady, Gail Gillon owns a kid’s cafe in Uddingston and recently ordered new laminate flooring from James at the Floor Store, at Glasgow Road, Blantyre. James knew that the flooring was for her sensory room to provide a safe and friendly space for children with additional needs.

The fitters arrived to fit Gail’s floor and she got a welcome surprise when they refused to take any payment for supplying or fitting the lovely, brand new flooring! They even upgraded the under flooring as her original floor was uneven. The guys were super quick and at pains not to create a mess. By all accounts, a first class job!

Such kindness by the Blantyre based business simply goes above and beyond, and the support of Floor Store for Gail’s initiative, to provide some enjoyment for children, is outstanding. A special thank you goes to James, Fiona and the team from Blantyre Floor store.


Update: As a thank you, Gail hosted some Free entry with meals for kids with ASN. Something which has proved popular.

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Gail told us, “I was utterly gobsmacked at the generous offer and actually tried to refuse to accept as just too generous. I have decided to open up the cafe on certain days outwith usual operating times to families who have a child with ASN. I’m going to put out a request for some help to run this event regularly. The first session is Tuesday the 23rd October from 3.30-5pm. I will provide the food and drinks plus play entry for Free. Some support to help prepare the food and do the washing up would be awesome.”

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