Support Blantyre’s Public Events

Don’t forget! Blantyre Community Committee recently launched ‘Recurring Subscriptions‘! They’re looking for local residents, organisations and businesses to support the Blantyre Summer Gala Weekend, Live at Livvies and Festive event, by donating an annual amount starting at just £5.
Thats just over 1p per day, or just a little more than the price of a pub drink for the whole year! Your donation of £5 would go entirely towards providing vital services at our events, like toilets, cleaners, security and insurances. Payment is by either card or Paypal.
Their small Committee relies wholly on donations and raising funds ourselves in order to host events, so building up a good list of subscribers willing to kindly assist with small donations, is very important.
Of course you can set how much you wish to subscribe, and have full control if you want to cancel at any time. Please DO try to support Blantyre’s Public events using this method. We hope you all enjoy yourselves at these events and as long as there’s funds raised , the enthusiastic volunteers will continue to organise these excellent FREE events every year!
You can find out more and safely, quickly set up a subscription here
Thank you sincerely and please feel free to share.


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