Thursday Night Arrests


A night of shed, garage and vehicle break-ins seems to have ended with 2 arrests by police.

Late on Thursday night, 18th October into the early hours of today Friday 19th October, 2 males caused havoc with multiple instances of vandalism and breakins in High Blantyre. The youths were first seen trying to break into vehicles just after midnight on Kirkton Avenue, High Blantyre. It is known that several cars were damaged and at least one was broken into.

Shortly after at Calderwood Drive, a shed was broken into and a bag removed. The thieves were disturbed by a resident who then phoned police, an action that would later pay dividends.

By 1.50am, the 2 males were then spotted on a residents CCTV near Cemetery Road, just off Main Street. The pair were seen climbing over garden fences and systematically trying sheds. Police were again alerted and were already in Blantyre by this time.

Finally, shortly after, residents at Mossbank not far from Burnbrae Road observed 2 males breaking into vehicles around 2am , just off Victoria Street. Police were contacted and being nearby were on the scene almost immediately. Unconfirmed reports today suggest that TWO arrests were made on the scene, with stolen goods and money recovered.

The promptness of police in this instance was due to the diligence of those residents quickly reporting the break ins to Police on telephone 101, causing them to be in the area as the crimes continued. For once though, these incidents appear to have ended with arrests made.

With no further crime alerts after 2am, and all these incidents happening in close proximity to each other in a short space of time, there’s a strong likelihood they are all connected. However, we do not make assumptions and as such, we will post further details from official sources once they are in a position to confirm after investigations are complete.



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