Pubwatch – Crime Prevention


Blantyre is enrolled into an active “Pubwatch” scheme.

What is a Pubwatch?

Pubwatch is a community based crime prevention scheme. Organised by licensees, this will lead to an increase in communication, confidence and security of the staff and the patrons of the respective licensed premises. In simplified terms it is the swapping of information between premises with the specific intention of the prevention/combating violence, drunkenness and disorder within licensed premises.

It also aids communication between the local police and the licensees. It provides a safe forum for discussion for any problems or issues which may arise. By working together, solutions to these problems can hopefully be discovered and matters resolved quickly to the satisfaction of all parties.

There are currently 13 Pubwatch Schemes up and running across Lanarkshire with over 200 premises involved. Blantyre is the latest area to start up a scheme and has 10 premises participating namely “ Blantyre Miners Club, Blantyre Vic Social Club, Carrigans, Cornerstone, The Doon Inn, Hoolets, The Old Original, Parkville, Priory Inn, Village Bar and West End Bar.” 

PC Susan Brown from Police Licensing told Blantyre Telegraph this week,  “I’m delighted that Blantyre has embraced the pubwatch scheme especially as we now approach the busy festive period. It’s vital that the police work in partnership with the licensees by supporting the group. It’s been proven that a well-run pub watch scheme can make a significant contribution to the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour in the area that it serves ,which in turn keeps customers, staff and premises safe”.

Blantyre Pubwatch Benefits:

Pubwatch is advantageous to the licence holder, the local policing team and licensing standards officers, with the ultimate winner being the public who frequent your premises. Advantages include:-

  • The deterring of troublemakers
  • The reduction of crime/assaults on staff
  • The reduction in vandalism to your premises and surrounding premises.
  • The increased positive public support of the night time economy in your local area.
  • The increased peace of mind for licence holders, staff and the public.
  • The more efficient use of police resources
  • A general decrease in crime and specifically acts of violence and disorder

Pubwatch aims to meet regularly too, with police and pub license owners meeting up to discuss all aspects of the scheme.


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