Kenzie & Kyle will Switch on Lights

45208136_255509065144186_5850920508664578048_nA Blantyre family are celebrating this week after two children in their family won a competition and were chosen for the honour of switching on Blantyre’s Festive Lights!

Kenzie Mcmurray (6) on left and Kyle Robert Mcmurray (2) cannot wait to jointly press the big button and turn on the tree and street lights on Glasgow Road. The boys were nominated by proud sister, Jade after being randomly chosen by Bonnie Blantyre, who kindly hosted the competition. Mum Lisa told us, “The boys are really excited!”

The boys will join Santa, their family and the festive event hosts, Blantyre Community Committee up on stage on Sunday 25th November at the public park. After being  presented with some goodies, the lucky lads will get to switch on the Christmas lights at 4.15pm. The boys will switch on the town’s main set of lights and tree lights on Glasgow Road, although High Blantyre’s are different and scheduled to automatically come on a few days earlier.

With some new sparkly LED lights already in place near the Stonefield Park venue, the privilege of “switching on the lights” is something only a handful of people have ever had the opportunity to do.

We hope it creates some long lasting nice memories for the boys and everybody coming along to enjoy the day.

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