Victoria Street Attempted Break in

We can’t think of anything much worse than the excitement of moving into a brand new home being suddenly deflated by being immediately exposed to crime.

That was the case last night, Monday 10th December 2018 in Victoria Street, when somebody tried to break into one of the new houses directly across from the Health centre.

Just after 10.30pm, an unknown male tried to break into one of the new houses by chiseling the handle off the door. Deep marks were left on a lady residents new door and the thief did not seem to care about the noise he was making.

Neighbours heard the noise and came outside pretending to be on the phone, observing a male roughly 6 foot, skinny with a black tammy on and dark jacket.

The female occupant of the house was alerted by neighbours after the man ran off. Police were then called to take statements. A reminder that as well as doors being kept locked in evenings, to always look out for neighbours if you can.

The houses are pictured being built last year. If you know more about this crime, you can report it to Police on Crimestoppers 101.


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