Police Report – Blantyre Area

Statistics on crime in the Blantyre area have now been made available for the period between 17th November 2018 and 14th January 2019.

There were 815 incidents reported to Police in this area. From this, 19% of visits resulted in Crime Reports being raise and from these 158 reports, 66 were detected (43% detection rate) with people being charged and reports sent to the Procurator Fiscal.

In the same period, 20 reports were raised for Breaches of the Peace of which 16 were detected. Clydeview Shopping Centre had an increase in calls resulting in 8 reports of shoplifting, 6 of which were detected. 2 breach of ASBSOs and 1 breach of curfew bail were also noted. There were 2 serious assaults both of which are still being investigated. 18 common assaults were reported, 12 of which detected.

Police increased their visibility patrols in the area, speaking with residents in the community and to raise awareness of locking house and vehicle doors and windows. 6 crime reports were raised for theft by housebreaking and theft from a motor vehicle compared to 22 in the same period last year.

Community Police also attended local Primary School to speak with pupils regarding online safety and bullying. Further visits are planned this month.


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