Blantyre Seal Found Dead

Remember the seal that was found 30 miles inland in the River Clyde in Blantyre last week? Well, we are sorry to confirm that the seal has now sadly died.

Seals often swim far inshore up rivers to give birth, especially at this time of year, but it really was unusual to see a seal at Blantyre. Observed in the river between David Livingstone Centre and Bothwell Castle, the seal was seen playing happily swimming and jumping out the water to the riverbank. Rumours that there were two still persist.

Sadly though, this week, the seal was found dead and authorities were contacted to find out what happened. We heard rumours that it may have been attacked and didn’t want to post any assumption until more was known.

However, this afternoon on Thursday 17 January 2019, Scottish SPCA, the animal welfare charity confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances. The seal had no marks and appeared to have died of natural causes or illness.

We’re sorry to give bad news and we hope if there is another seal it makes it way back to the coast safely.


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