It’s our Birthday!

YEAH! It’s our birthday!

Blantyre Telegraph has been online exactly 8 years today, bringing you daily news as it happens, here in Blantyre.

Who could ever have imagined back in February 2011, that this page would now have over 14,000 people following it each day, a figure fast approaching the population of Blantyre! Of course many people have taken an interest from outwith the area and there’s a growing following abroad too!

The page has seen many changes and has in the last year settled into a look and feel, (and style of reporting) I’m comfortable with. Hopefully you all agree it’s informative and at times, a fun page run as professionally as possible. A zero tolerance to abuse of admin and readers has kept the page friendly and helped give it an exceptional reviewed score.

Run by one volunteer (me!), but with a network of many hundreds of organisations and people who I rely upon for story leads, I take time to post only before and after work, or during lunch or coffee breaks and thankfully, it never interferes with my normal day job.

Something extraordinary hit home today! I can proudly say confidently and accurately, I have now brought you all ‘daily Blantyre news’ for an incredible 17% of my whole life! (You work the maths!) It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I plan on continuing, all being well for many more years.

Telegraph exists of course to raise money for charity and as of January 19 has raised £22,908.85 for 121 good causes in and around Blantyre! That’s YOU who did that, so very well done!!! To celebrate an 8th birthday, this week I’ll be launching a brand new fundraising platform , showing how YOU can get involved with Blantyre Telegraph to the benefit of the whole community!

For now, thank you you very much for all your continued support. I’ll be opening a beer or two tonight to toast you all. Slàinte!


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