Donation: TACT healthy Park

January fundraising totals are in and we’ve managed to raise a very handsome £150.40 for local good causes!

This comes from £12 donations from kind hearted individuals supporting the Blantyre Telegraph Facebook page (using the donate button there) and also £138.40 from Blantyre Project, from the sales of history books in the last period.

We’ve decided to donate £100 of brand new garden tools, equipment, pots, gloves, see trays and more to the TACT Healthy Park community project in Coatshill, who are gearing up for busy season. It’s ready for delivery as soon as they open. This leaves £50.40 to donate to another organisation, which we’ll announce later this week.

This takes the running total of funds raised by this page to a whopping £22,908.85 since it started in February 2011!

Thank you to everybody who has supported the Telegraph in recent weeks and made this possible.

Support Blantyre Telegraph. Support Blantyre.”


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