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Children’s Playpark Opens this Week!

The David Livingstone Birthplace begins its maiden voyage to reopening this month, with the much anticipated children’s playpark. The playpark in the Village has been greatly missed by the Blantyre community during the Museum’s £9.1m refurbishment, and will reopen this Thursday 1st July. The main focal point of the playpark’s redesign will be a large multi-play […]

Trim for High Blantyre

Following on from our post this morning about grass cutting services resuming at Stonefield Public Park, it looks like SLC has had a busy day. Kirkton Park in High Blantyre now having a similar makeover. Grass being cut this afternoon. Please be aware children still cannot use the play equipment (for now).

Park Fly Tipping

What do you do in lockdown when you’ve got a mattress to dispose of? Yes, thats right….just dump it into a corner of Stonefield Public Park! This was the scene today as somebody decided to do just that, fly tipping their rubbish into public spaces in the middle of Blantyre. The tips are still closed […]

You Left Your Rubbish!

C’mon folks we can do better than this! Looks like somebody had a fireworks display in McAnulty (Stonefield) Public Park on Saturday night and left a right mess, prompting several complaints. Left to others to clean up, there was more rubbish than this picture shows. We’ll never understand people who mindlessly litter Blantyre’s parks.

Immaculate Park

Big Tidy up!Just look at this! Another well done to Blantyre Community Committee tonight. This is the scene this evening down at the Public Park. Dedicated people, staying behind this evening to ensure the park is immaculate and completely litter free.  You would never guess that THOUSANDS of people have been partying here since Thursday evening! Full […]

Heritage Park Re-opens for Season

It’s time to hoist the sails for another exciting new season of water sports at James Hamilton Heritage Park in East Kilbride. The water sport centre officially re-opened on Saturday 4th May picking up where the very successful 2018 season left off. The Centre’s fully qualified team of instructors are ready and waiting for anyone who fancies dipping […]

Kirkton Park Tidy up

The council have been out doing maintenance at High Blantyre Public Park. Yesterday afternoon Friday 29 March 2019, council work crews removed the old bark chips, replacing with brand new wood chippings all around the play equipment. It does look a lot cleaner and tidier.