Support for ‘Blantyre Community Lottery’

Our week long poll about a new ‘Blantyre Community Lottery‘ has ended and the results are in!

We asked, “Out of interest, would you support AND PLAY a “£1 a go” small ‘Blantyre Community Lottery’ if we were to pursue official permission & regulation for such a venture?”

Thank you to 845 kind people who took part in the poll, which returned overwhelming support for a local lottery at 88%! (That’s around 7% of the adult population of Blantyre, so a good sample!) It looks like this idea could be very popular. As such establishing a new “Blantyre Community Lottery” is something Blantyre Telegraph will now explore and take forward with local authorities and the gaming commission.

We appreciate playing a lottery is not for everybody, so of course if you were one of the 12% not interested, you simply don’t need to take part.

Having seen the results and thought more on this, we agree with the majority that it’s a great idea and an excellent, permanent fundraiser that would benefit the whole community. With weekly cash prizes, it would guarantee funds are raised for local good causes, eg. the gala weekend, festive event, helping youth groups etc.

We’re confident we have the technology to make this run efficiently, accurately and transparently. However, setting up a lottery is extremely difficult and requires regulation, to be strictly registered and run as non profit. There’s a lot of work ahead in even making a proposal!

Such a proposal, is just exactly that at this stage. It may take up to a year to apply, be vetted, receive permission and set up. With your continued support and patience, we’ll keep you updated along the way.

Thanks to everybody who voted.


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