Mild Weather Next Week

It’s been quite mild this weekend, but nothing compared to milder weather coming into the UK throughout next week. In what is being described as one of the mildest February’s in recent decades, a plume of warmer weather from Spain is hitting UK shores next week, and it reaches (for once!) into Central Scotland!

Temperatures are predicted to be in double digits by the end of the week, reaching lofty highs of 14 or 15 degrees in Central Scotland by the weekend! May not quite be the “taps aff” weather many of us are waiting for, but it’ll certainly feel like springtime, with settled clear skies later in the week.

However, let’s not forget it was this time last year that ‘Beast from the East” snow storm was about to strike. Winter is not over by a long shot, but for now, putting the heating off again for a while, is welcome news!


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